Dr. Phill E Gibbs

Phil Gibbs, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and CEO, Care Transformation Studio
Founder and Principal, The Disruption Lab
Phil is Co-Founder and CEO of the recently launched Care Transformation Studio, a digital platform where health, tech, and innovation leaders gather to transform the delivery of care.
He is the Founder of The Disruption Lab, an innovation and growth firm focused on resetting thinking about possibilities. Disruption Lab offerings have included a Global Executive Innovation Program studying innovation in some of the world’s most innovative cities and a six-month Healthcare Innovation Academy.
The Lab collaborates with other organizations in presenting an annual Telehealth Academy which is part of Nashville Healthcare Sessions.
The consulting firm he founded and led for over a decade, Executive Learning, Inc., was one of the United States’ leading change agents focused on continual improvement, particularly in healthcare, working with healthcare organizations across the country including HCA Healthcare and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
Phil holds a doctorate from The Ohio State University where his interest in innovation began with his dissertation research focused on how organizations achieve both high productivity and high innovation.